Democrat For City Council

Josue Perez

My name is Josue Perez, and I am running for City Council in District 10.

My story is not so different from the stories of many in our community. My parents immigrated to New York, full of hope and purpose and appreciative of the potential of the world’s most iconic Sanctuary City.

My mother worked two jobs to support our family, and planted roots here, where I have gone on to live for a large part of my life. I have watched the changes, both good and bad, that shaped our neighborhood. It has inspired me to choose a career where I was not just an observer of these changes, but an active participant, where I can give back to the community, and help to improve the conditions here for current and future generations, and for the people here, of every background, who help make this community the amazing, diverse community it is.

For the past 16 years, I have educated the city’s youth, teaching High School math in the Theodore Roosevelt Campus, focusing my efforts into improving the lives and opportunities of our community’s children, including participating in after school programs, coaching a middle school baseball team, and participating in free Tutoring Programs. I coordinated the BJC (Beauty and Joy of Computing) program to bring computer Science to minority and young women in our community.

I would then go on to fight for other issues important to our community, actively involved supporting “Paid Family Leave” and “Fight for 15”. I’m a founding member and director of FDC (Fuerza Dominicanos Por el Cambio), an organization that provides basic needs and services to the residents of upper Manhattan and the Bronx. I am an advisor and member of the board of directors of “Amor Sin Frontera” (Love without Borders), and the National Commission of Human Rights Inc..

As a UFT delegate, I continue to fight for Public Education in our children’s lives, and have personally seen the detrimental effects of the encroachment of charter schools into the public sphere. I was there as the Campaign for Fiscal Equity fought for sound basic education for public school students, survived the Bloomberg Administration’s attacks on public educators and their union, watched students suffer through Common Core, and remained a solid supporter and believer of the great equalizing effect of public education for all.

As a resident of the neighborhood, I know all too well the struggles of local families trying to stay in their homes. I myself recently had to move because the landlord in our last building wanted to raise the rent beyond what we could afford to pay as a family. I strongly feel that we should not be pushed out of our homes for rents that are rising to unaffordable rates far too quickly for us to keep up with.

Becoming a Candidate for City Council District 10 is the next step in my long trajectory of public service. I appreciate the opportunity to present my campaign and my mission to you, and look forward to your support.

With best regards,signature