Let’s build a stronger community together.

Many of us feel that our local representation should be better. Like the many, I believe all New York residents deserve to be well represented in Albany and City Hall. And it is time for all of us who share this sentiment to be part of the change we need in our community.


Once again, we are facing more cuts in all funding for our school programs. We need more tutoring programs in Math, Science, and ELA to close the students’ gap in our district and the city. We desperately need more after school programs in the schools and tutoring centers.” I’m a public school teacher for over 20 years, and I have worked tirelessly as a UFT Delegate for students and teacher’s rights. I’m a parent of three young boys who also attend public schools in our district. We need educators in City Hall with experience in Education to guarantee an improvement in our public schools. Education is a priority, and I will always fight so that students could have the Education that will allow them to become great professionals and entrepreneurs of tomorrow.”


There is a crime spike in NYC, our neighborhoods are filled with trash, and the elected officials have done very little about these issues. We need new leadership. We need to work together with our local law enforcement to keep the streets, the playgrounds, and the parks clean and safe. We have the highest number of noise complaints in the city. “Keeping our community clean and safe will be one of my tops priorities. Safe communities are the road to a better future. We need to build strong relationships with the local authorities to keep our streets safe.”


The covid crisis has shown that our small businesses’ fate cannot be left in the hands of powerful lobbies and ambitious politicians, or they will have no future. As it has for over decades, City Hall continues to do nothing to stop the closing of our long-established small businesses. Lawmakers will be responsible for triggering the worse economic catastrophe in our city’s history. Too many small local businesses close their doors due to the taxing hikes, while more retail and food giants are moving in. “I will work with our small business owners to fight the landlords and to bring the resources they need to improve their businesses. Pass the Small Business Jobs Survival Act SBJSA, giving small business owners an equal voice in the lease re-negotiation process, securing longer-terms, and preventing more vacant storefronts. Legislate Commercial Rent Control, remove the influence of real-estate interests from the current proposed legislation.”


The homeless crisis in our district is at its worse. The rent continues to skyrocket, lower-middle classes are forced out of their homes due to the extreme rent prices. All while the current administration is solely focus on developing luxury apartments. The pandemic has caused tremendous hardship, and many families are facing eviction. Help me fight the landlords to keep rent-controlled and stop their abusive rent hikes. “I step up and opposed rezoning to protect small businesses and tenants. We fought together to stop the monstrous and discriminatory up-zoning of Inwood”. The elected officials did very little to protect the tenants. “I will advocate protecting the tenants and for affordable housing for all, develop and pass community-based rezoning plansending developer-driven rezonings that displace neighbors and small businesses. Create neighborhood plans that expand affordability, protect existing immigrant communities, and defend residents from displacement.” 


The seniors and the children were the most affected by the pandemic for many reasons. More than ever, we need to provide the funding and resources for the more vulnerable. There are a few city programs for youth, parents, and seniors. However, most residents in our district don’t have access to those programs. We need more programs for everyone. I have coached several teams in middle schools, high schools, and local leagues. “I will advocate for apartments for senior citizens and funding for senior centers. I will foster mentoring, career readiness, sports, and leadership programs for the youth.” We are being denied access, and we can’t allow that to continue to happen.


Whether it is in the workplace or at the ballot box, democracy is losing. Unions — once a cornerstone of economic democracy — are highly popular, but corporate greed and union-busting have forced the percentage of people in labor unions to plummet. I have advocated for workers’ rights as a union activist fighting for a $15 minimum wage Paid Family Leave. This pandemic has devastating effects on many workers, millions of jobs were lost, and workers struggle to get compensation and unemployment benefits. The service industry and tourism amount others, were affected, millions of restaurants and hotel workers were left in the dark. I will support worker compensation, benefits, and pension for all hardworking New Yorkers. 

Join me in this campaign, and let’s work together to improve our neighborhoods, homes, and lives. Let’s build a stronger community together!