Let's build a stronger community together

Many of us feel that our local representation should be better. I like the many, believe all New York residents deserve to be well represented in Albany and City Hall. And it is time for all of us who share this sentiment to be part of the change we need in our community.
  • For a better education

Once again we see more cuts in all funding for our school programs. The new common core standards have had a direct negative effect on the schools in our district and in the student evaluations. We need more tutoring programs in Math, Science and ELA to close the gap between the students in our district and the city. “We desperately need more after school programs in the schools and outside of the schools”.

  • To Bring More Programs and Funds:

There are many programs in the city however most residents in our district don’t have access to those programs. We need more programs for our youth, for the parents and local businesses. We are being denied access and we can’t allow that to continue to happen.

  • For Cleaner and Safer Neighborhoods:

We need cleaner and safer buildings. We need to work together with our local law enforcement to keep the play grounds and the parks clean and safe. We have the highest number of noise complaints in the city. Keeping the streets, parks and train station clean and safe will be one of my tops priorities. We need safer and cleaner apartments at affordable costs.

  • To Protect Tenant and Local Business:

Rent continues to sky rocket and the impoverished and lower middle classes are being forced-out of their homes due to the extreme rent prices. All while the current administration is solely focus on developing luxury apartments. Help me fight the landlords to keep rent controlled and stop their abusive rent hikes. Too many of our small local businesses are closing their doors due to the taxing hikes, while more retail and food giants are moving in. I will work with our small business owners to fight the landlords and to bring the resources they need to improve their businesses.

Join me in this campaign, and let’s work together to improve our neighborhoods, our homes, and our lives. Let's build a stronger community together!